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Enjoyed the festival ? Now get back to Gym and enjoy fitness too :) your favourite Viewsonic Fitness is waiting for you.
Mr. Suresh Khatri (member Viewsonic fitness) lost about 22 kgs in 8 months, we salute him for his hard work and dedication towards fitness
when you live a disciplined life, It gives you best of everything, Make schedule for everything your diet, your sleep, your workout, and feel the difference. For the best motivation stay connected to us. your Fitnessfuly Viewsonic fitness the best fitness centre / gym in your locality for males and females of all ages. come and enjoy one day free demo*. * T& C apply
We are the best fitness center in jaipur
Best gym in pratap nagar Only Viewsonic Fitness 174/122 kumbha marg
Here is another picture of mr. Suresh khatri (Viewsonic Fitness)
Happy Holi to all members of Viewsonic Fitness. the Gym will remain closed on monday 13th march on this occasion.
Viewsonic Fitness will always support and motivate you towards your goal. join us and bring change in your life. stay connected for daily updates and quotes. stay fit, rule the planet